A Whole World in Our Hands

This seminar pays homage to the inspirational discoveries made by Dr Sutherland and draws on a wealth of insight garnered from my thirty years of clinical practice.

The aim is to broaden the spectrum of your practice by refining the core skills of listening, hearing, responding to the impacts of experience on the tidal motions of Primary Respiration; and to fortify your originality, authenticity and creativity as a practitioner in the cranial field.

 Our focus will be on Touch, Transmutation and the Dynamic in Stillness

  • Touch is the primary tool of Craniosacral practitioners. Dr. Sutherland frequently talked about “wise, seeing, feeling, thinking, fingers”. With the cultivation of presence and non-judgemental, empathetic listening we evolved a new way of touching in biodynamic practice. This can be distilled into Relational Touch, Diagnostic Touch and Therapeutic Touch. Being alert to the scope of touch brings clarity to sessions and allows you to confidently track beneficial changes in the client’s system.
  • Transmutation, or change of state, is another favourite term of Dr Sutherland’s. He refers to in connection to the action of liquid light, the fluid within the fluid, which he likened to sheet lightning. With advances in the field of physics, states of matter now include plasma and liquid crystal, both of these are somewhere between solid and liquid and radiate light. Lightning is an example of the plasma state of matter. Dr Sutherland, a virtuoso of palpation, directly experienced this state in the bodies of his clients. We will follow in his footsteps.
  • The Dynamic in Stillness, we know that big things happen in Dynamic Stillness. In this seminar we will delve into the dynamic events taking place ‘beneath’ the stillness - the instantaneous transmutation of bound tissues and fluids into liquid light, a state of flux and continuous change which is endemic to health.
© Katherine Ukleja 2014