Embryology in Practice

The biodynamic model of Craniosacral therapy is based on an understanding of the forces of creation. In the human embryo biodynamic forces ignite all living processes and organize specific patterns of growth and development. These patterns remain linked to our subtle physiology throughout life and can be sensed in the motility of our tissue and fluid fields. They form the blueprint for embodied primary-respiratory motion. As an archetype, the embryo points to what is timeless in human experience. It also teaches us about impermanence and flux, which are the definitive properties of health at all stages of life.

 Topics covered will include:

  • The epic journey of conception, life or death, the ‘inner body’ and ‘outer body’
  • The inter-relationship between the notochord and the burgeoning brain, the apex of the notochord as the fulcrum for embryonic developmental.
  • The story of the ectoderm, developmental movements of the brain and ventricles, paraventricular structures and information molecules – ‘God’s own drugstore’
  • An introduction to Blechschmidt’s concepts of metabolic fields and spatially ordered movements
  • Cranial mesenchyme and metabolic fields, forces at work in the creation of the skull bones and membranes
  • Spiralling into form: the heart in embryogenesis - function dictates structure – blood flow and cardiac tissue formation
  • The story of the endoderm, growth movements of the digestive organs.


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