'Something Happens'

What happens when ‘Something Happens’?

Rollin Becker gave us an insightful description or how healing occurs during Craniosacral treatment. He broke down the traditional concept of a State of Balance into three stages which can be summarised as seeking, stilling and reorganisation. But in the second stage, when a localised stillness ensues around an inertial fulcrum, he simply states that ‘Something Happens’. That ‘Something’ is the centrepiece of the transformation that takes place, right under our hands, as the Potency shifts from its protective state to reveal its healing capacity. It deserves our fullest attention and in-depth appraisal

In search of the answer to what happens, we will delve into fields as diverse as embryology, physics, microbiology, physiology, and esoteric teachings. We will also review the wisdom handed down by the great original thinkers in our field, Sutherland, Sills, Jealous for a deeper understanding.

But our main endeavour will be to school our thinking, feeling, hands. To pause and truly listen to what takes place when ‘Something Happens’. To recognise the bodily signature of transmutation. To feel secure in the knowledge that ‘something has happened’ which will lead the way to an improvement in the condition and overall health.

© Katherine Ukleja 2014