The Belly - Motion and Emotion

A biodynamic approach to the abdominal organs and their raft of functions.

Whether our clients present with digestive disorders or emotional difficulties the belly deserves a good look. The Enteric Nervous System, a massive network of nerves in the walls of the digestive tract, functions as an evolutionarily older ‘brain’ and is in constant communication with the ‘new’ brain in the head. In this way, the gut is crucial to our emotional responses, our ‘gut feelings’, which underpin our decision- making, our relationships, our moods and personality traits. It is a major contributor to the global Social Nervous System.

The seminar will cover:

  • The embryological arising of the digestive organs and how this forms the blueprint for organ motility and mobility. The embryonic development will be modelled in clay.
  • The umbilical connection – the gut acts as our ‘emotional radar’. This function is programmed during gestation via the umbilical cord.
  • The Relational Midline – our blueprint of connection
  • The Enteric Nervous System and its role in emotional regulation and dysregulation.
  • Sensory input from visceral autonomics in the context of social engagement
  • The gut-brain-immune axis
  • The embryology of the peritoneum and mesenteries - the complex mesh of connective tissues, which supports the abdominal organs and acts as a conduit for neural flow and blood supply.
  • Visceral pain and nerve facilitation.
  • Biodynamic, hands-on approaches for working with historical abdominal imprints.

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