The Inherent Treatment Plan - Deepening into Biodynamic Practice

The inherent treatment plan is the primary therapeutic orientation in biodynamic cranial practice. This plan is an expression of the healing function the Potency of the Breath of Life. It can be supported and catalyzed by the practitioner.

In the seminar we will cultivate advanced skills of relational touch, embodied presence and self-regulation, which promote the emergence of the Inherent Treatment Plan.

 Topics will include:

  • Building safety in the holding field.
  • The cultivation of presence – being to being connection
  • Deepening into relationship – Holistic Shift and the Inherent Treatment Plan
  • Forces and Fulcra – Blueprint and Imprint
    • The ordering matrix – a blueprint of optimal health
    • The interplay of forces acting in our living organism: Biodynamic, Conditional and Inertial forces
    • Cohesion and fragmentation
  • Traumatic Imprints - The body remembers
    • Resources, overwhelm and traumatization
  • State of Balance as a mysterious gateway
    • Dr Becker’s great insight into the nature of healing
    • “Rhythmic balanced interchange” between the Stillness, the ‘liquid light’ of potency and inertial forces.
    • “Something happens” – transmutation or change of state
    • Dynamic transformation in the depth of stillness


© Katherine Ukleja 2014