The Kidneys

Sometimes the fluid body feels more like a cold desert than a warm ocean. The tide is weak and sporadic, there is systemic dehydration and the client complains of exhaustion. When that is the case the kidneys are crucial.

Embedded deep in the posterior body wall these vital organs maintain our fluidity. Each day 50 gallons of blood are filtered through 140 miles of tubes and millions of filters within the kidneys. Being highly sensitive to blood volume  and blood pressure they are functionally linked to the heart.

The kidneys are very blood hungry and very energy hungry. An overworked exhausted kidney can affect long term blood pressure and also will exhaust the adrenal cortex. This is the picture we see in burnout.

In this seminar we will take an intimate look at the kidneys – their strange and wonderful embryonic arising, their gross and subtle physiology and their potential impact on health within the context of craniosacral biodynamics.


© Katherine Ukleja 2014