The Sinuses

On this clinical focus day we will take a close look at the sinuses located in several facial and cranial bones. The sinuses lighten the skull and make our voices more resonant, but their main function is to produce mucus that humidifies the inside of the nose. This mucus layer filters the air protects the nose from pollutants, micro-organisms, dust and dirt. 

Blocked sinuses result in many common conditions such as loss of smell, rhinitis (constantly runny nose), headaches and ear blockage, ear infections or pain due to a congested Eustachian tube.

We will explore the anatomy of the sinuses, connection between the ear and the throat and the autonomic nerve supply responsible for mucus production.

Biodynamic treatment approaches will highlight compressive patterns of the face, the sphenopalatine ganglion, overproduction of mucus and Eustachian tube drainage.

Seminar objectives:

  • You will learn clinical cranial skills for the treatment of breathing and ear disorders
  • You will extend your understanding of cranial nerve function especially the Trigeminal and Facial nerve
  • You will add skills to support good immune function

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