Voice and the Hyoid

The voice reveals our emotions. The sounds of anguish and despair or of triumph and joy are universally understood and compelling. The tone of voice tells us more than the words that are spoken; it is primal, animal – a key component of the Social Nervous System.

In this seminar we will explore the larynx – the mechanism and psychology of voice production. Can we speak up for ourselves, be heard? Are we silenced by fear or emboldened by rage? 

The hyoid bone, formed from two pharyngeal folds in the embryo is the anchor of the tongue. It is a central anatomical structure of the throat, a solid strut in its tensegrity structure, the root of many muscles.  In practice we often feel that the head is cut off from the rest of the body, representing a loss of connection between our instinctual gut brain and our rational head brain and between our ability to act and to feel. Intimate work with the hyoid is vital for resolving throat inertia to ‘reconnect the head to the body’.

© Katherine Ukleja 2014